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The most common feeling that people go through when at the beginning of a family law situation is one of confusion and helplessness. To have an attorney represent you in court usually costs thousands of dollars, and it may go higher if the case continues to drag on. It is our goal to provide individuals and families with affordable legal help.

Court Orders. Made Easy.

Whatever your family law issue may be, if you are unable to come to an agreement with the other party, you could face a very difficult situation. Even when parties agree verbally, it is a very real possibility that problems might arise in the future. Most people find that a legally binding document, or a court order signed by a judge, is the best way to ensure that both parties have to follow what has been agreed to or ordered by a judge.

Legal. Flexibility.

There are also times when individuals and families may outgrow their court orders, or find that there is a need to have them modified. The truth is that things can change. Whatever your issues may be, United Family Resources is happy to provide a consultation to see if we can help. Please take a quick minute to fill out the form below. We will be with you shortly!

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